Car loans.

Avoid the speed bumps and let our brokers find the car loan right for you, and your new ride.


The process.

From saying hello, to new seat covers, six steps is all it takes for you to get on the road.

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  • Say hello

    Get in touch to discuss your current financial situation and goals, in person or online.

  • The shortlist

    We’ll compare a long list of loan providers and create a shortlist that’s sure to suit you.

  • The greenlight

    Once you’ve chosen a lender, we'll get you pre-approved so you know your borrowing capacity.

  • Tinted window shopping

    With pre-approval under your belt, you can finally start looking for your new ride. To take the hassle out of the hunt, we can also set you up with simple to use car buying services.

  • Secure the finance

    Once you’ve given your new ride a test drive and have decided on your new set of wheels, we’ll work to secure finance from your lender.

  • Drive away

    Now, all you need to do is make an offer. If all is well and good, simply pick up the key and drive away (into the sunset, of course).

Other things to consider: Balloon payments.

  • What?

    You choose to pay a larger sum of the loan value at the end of the loan term. The sum you pay is usually based on a fixed percentage of the total loan value.

  • Why?

    Reduce your repayments when you first start paying off the loan.

    Consider how this will affect the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan and the total amount that is left to pay at the end of your monthly repayment term. The remaining sum will need to be paid in full in one lump sum. 

  • How do I know if this is right for me?

    We can help you understand whether this approach suits your needs and run through the considerations and benefits in more detail. Get in touch.

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